Ali sonoma dating diego sanchez

“My beautiful wife Bernadette Sanchez,” Diego joyfully tweeted. I think joint accounts change everything.” True dat, homie.

honeymooners:))” In response to a fan who suggested they enjoy the alone time while it lasted because everything would officially change once they started cranking out kids, Sanchez sharply replied, “You think??? Not to get all up in Diego’s business, but he previously dated former UFC ring girl Ali Sonoma, as well…

PRO MMA: Even though you don’t work with the UFC any more, you are still involved with MMA is that correct? PRO MMA: What else are you doing these days professionally besides Throwdown?

ALI: Actually I am going back to school and working on getting my business degree.

The problem has apparently worked itself out as Celeste and Josh Burkman are no longer an item and Sonoma is no longer a ring girl.

However, as hard as it is to believe, Sanchez eventually decided to leave the fitness model in order to focus on his UFC career.“Diego recently decided he can’t have both: he can’t have the relationship and be the champion.Their intense diets only further improve their already blessed bodies. Growing up near a cove with two parents who were surfers, Doherty entered her first competition at seven years old.It's clear she realized how good she looked in a bikini. She started surfing at the age of five and has had a prosperous career ever since.But honestly, when you have a face that pretty, do you really need more? Regardless of that, PRO MMA is proud to present to you, Ms. As you probably know, the ring girls are carefully scrutinized, analyzed, criticized, and fantasized.So how is it Miss Sonoma is no longer with the UFC? Did he ever tell bad jokes or do embarrassing things like pass gas at the dinner table?Sigh…and that’s ok…I am the kind of person I believe everything happens for a reason, due to God’s will and His plan for us…and I will do nothing but trust in Him and not who I thought and always imagined would always be there for me.

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