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According to the manufacturer's claims, this rim could supposedly carry the weight of a normal rider even before the spokes were put in. Tires of red Par rubber are of 5/8-inch diameter in front and 1/4-inch in the rear, the unusually thin tires being typical of a racing cycle.Ball-bearing pedals with corrugated white rubber pads turn on cranks that adjust from 4 1/2 to 5 inches. agents, Stoddard, Lovering & Co., of Boston, Massachusetts, was originally owned by Godfrey A. Wieners who used it in racing events held by the Manhattan Athletic Club. Adjustable ball bearings are fitted into the front fork and the rear wheel hub. This racing bicycle's backbone and front fork are of seamless steel tubing, the latter being oval in cross section. An adjustable Andrews-pattern long-center steering head joins the backbone to the front fork.Although production of our bicycles no longer happens in Nottingham, our designs, wheel building and bicycle building still does and is a tradition that will continue.With over 130 years’ experience in designing some of the most iconic bikes in cycling history as well us one of the biggest cycle accessory distribution arms in the United Kingdom, we are one of the largest bicycle companies in the United Kingdom.For example, the area where I live used to be largely owned by the Myddletons of Chirk Castle that have this symbol as part of their arms.For 130 years, Raleigh has been making quality bicycles in Nottingham.

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So, I’m the keeper of the bike, until that day comes (I’m hoping it doesn’t come anytime soon).

The Raleigh bicycle of today is designed by local people for local people.

The Raleigh Bicycle Company is a bicycle manufacturer based in Nottingham, England.

LACOBL = Los Angeles County Bicycle License British Beauty From a distance, this might look like any old British 3-speed, but in my experience it’s rare to find one in such splendid original condition.

And, this bike has interesting details such as the peaked fenders, drop handlebars, box pinstriping, rear rack (held on with wingnuts for rapid removal), quick-release front wheel and early Sturmey-Archer hub with toptube-mounted trigger. ) Perhaps my favorite detail is what I always thought was Rudge’s “hand built” logo.

Look at the crank and decal (below) and you’ll see the hand icon, what I took to be a symbol of Rudge’s pride in craftsmanship. Bob in North Wales, however, was kind enough to write and explain that the origin of the hand was the Red Hand of Ulster.

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