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Still out on the road doing research for the next book, but I took some time off to prepare an important list for those of you on your own Game-related self-improvement journey.Many people who’ve read want to know what books influenced me as I was learning.

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Main Areas: Empowering men in choosing women for lasting, healthy relationships Career Focus: Dating Coach for Men Affiliation: Cutting Edge Image Consulting, Association of Image Consultants International After leaving Project Hollywood in August of 2004, kissing "The Game" goodbye, Stephen Nash decided to harness and hone his skills into a more natural, holistic style of meeting, attracting & dating women which could serve a larger population, not just those interested in becoming pick-up artists.So, I tell guys if you want to come across as altruistic, no one is going to believe you.Why does it seem like more women are interested in you when you’re already dating someone that when you’re single? If you can imagine a guy who is 10 feet tall and wearing sequins — I was the only straight man who could wear sequins and get away with it.Leo T - Sasha interviews Alan Roger Currie the author of Mode One.Alan's style is to let women know exactly what he's thinking, this is as direct game as you can get! © Seduction Tuition 2013 - Pick Up Artists PUA Art of Seduction Advice. Learn From Dating Guru's As Featured in Neil Strauss Book "The Game" Such As David De Angelo, Tyler Durden, Mystery Method, Style and Wayne Elise aka Juggler!What follows are the edited transcripts of the interviews. Wayne was the subject of the UK’s Channel Four television documentary “Seduction School.” He is also the founder and CEO of Charisma Arts which has 15 instructors who run in-field bootcamps and teach men how to meet women. They’re trying to get a girl into a relationship or into the bed when they need to be living in the moment …It’s a guy’s job to have fun and to show a girl a good time. They act as if women should take them because they’ll be good for the girl. You should be someone who is fun to be with all the time.

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