Microsoft sharepoint workspace not updating


However, few of them offer reasonable alternatives that have low impact on your users' habits, and changing users' work habits, especially when those changes reduce convenience, is difficult.Enter Microsoft Windows Share Point Services (WSS).

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If you use an Office 365 plan at work, you have your own One Drive for Business.

Information workers rely on integrated messaging and calendaring to help manage their daily tasks.

The result is that most users open Outlook first thing in the morning and shut it down only at the end of the day.

Executive Summary: Microsoft Office Outlook is a useful application for messaging, calendaring, and scheduling, but not as useful for document management.

Microsoft Windows Share Point Services (WSS) and Microsoft Office Share Point Server (MOSS) 2007 was designed as a content management platform but users hesitate to learn yet another new interface.

The most popular versions among the program users are 14.0 and 1.0. The software is sometimes referred to as "Update for Microsoft Share Point Workspace 2010".

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