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To determine which guest operating systems are compatible with ESXi 5.1 Update 2 , use the ESXi 5.1 Update 2 information in the VMware Compatibility Guide.Beginning with v Sphere 5.1, support level changes for older guest operating systems have been introduced.After you upgrade v Center Server or the ESXi host to v Sphere 5.1 Update 2 and attempt to connect to the v Center Server or the ESXi host using a version of v Sphere Client earlier than 5.1 Update 1b, you are prompted to upgrade the v Sphere Client to v Sphere Client 5.1 Update 2. You must use only the upgraded v Sphere Client to access v Sphere 5.1 Update 2.

The v Sphere Client and the v Sphere Web Client are packaged on the v Center Server ISO.The Guest OS Customization Support Matrix provides details about the guest operating systems supported for customization.Read the v Sphere Installation and Setup documentation for guidance about installing and configuring v Center Server.It alsointroduces NFS Ganesha which is in Technology Preview.Space precludesdocumenting all of these changes in this advisory.You can install one or both clients by using the VMware v Centerâ„¢ Installer wizard.

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