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Our various social media platforms are full of them; our timelines and newsfeeds are flooded with cheeky faces taken at arms length.In fact a #selfie is probably more likely to gain you more ‘likes’ than a photo of your dinner or cat.This particular location shown rates about one or two on the Bortle Scale of night sky darkness, so it’s largely free from light pollution and a great place to observe the night sky with the naked eye.

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According to the complaint, Schumacher and her partner Kevin Stockton had initially reserved the apartment from December 16, 2013 through January 12, 2014.

They’ve been around for centuries indeed since the first camera was invented, so this new found fad is not the twenty first century revolution we might think.

In fact the first selfies date right back to the 1800’s, nearly two hundred years ago.

Not too long after, Schumacher and Stockton uncovered the video camera.

Compounding the invasion of privacy is the fact that Schumacher claims to sleep and, at times, walk around in the nude.

This roll of film was no regular roll of film; it was a cartridge from a Kodak disk camera that was briefly popular in the nineteen-eighties. Every photograph is both a film still and a self-portrait, as Cindy Sherman has shown us, and often desire is at its heart.

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