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Jackson admitted to US Weekly that she and Tarantino are "friends", but prefaced the f-word with "just" and said the pair were only in Las Vegas together because it was her mother's birthday.

Which is pretty much an airtight denial, because it would be totally normal to take your "friend" Quentin Tarantino with you to Las Vegas for your mother's birthday.

She explains, "That is my hang-out buddy, that is my let's-go-to-the-movies-and-see-scary-movies-together... "He doesn't meet too many women who are into horror films and nowadays I don't meet too many men who are into horror films and stuff like that.

"So, whenever a new horror film comes out, Quentin and I get together and go check it out." Jackson is mother to Spears' husband Kevin Federline's oldest children KORI and KALEB.

" » Britney Spears' love rival Shar Jackson insists that she barely speaks to the pop beauty, despite their public show of unity. I asked if the baby was doing well and he said, ' Yeah.' We left it at that." And, as for reports Spears and Federline's marriage is already in trouble over the dancer's penchant for clubbing while his wife of a year tends for their new baby Sean Preston, Jackson says, "C'mon, kiddo, did you think things were going to be different?

Jackson was devastated when her then-boyfriend Kevin Federline left her while she was pregnant with their second child Kaleb and embarked on a romance with Spears in April 2004, which led to marriage. Kevin was there for (daughter) Kori every single day of her life until I told him to go out and get a job." » Britney Spears' dreams of becoming a mother have finally been realized - the pop superstar gave birth to a baby boy yesterday afternoon.

Jackson, Kurt Russell, Channing Tatum, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Walton Goggins, Demian Bichir, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, and Bruce Dern star in the Old West story of survival in a mountain cabin during a blizzard.

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All I want from Kevin is his time with his children.His weight on the show is listed at 105.4 kilograms, which according to this The death of a reality TV star inspires ruthless rumors. So it is good to see that yes, in fact, life goes on. Babies like the one Kevin Federline, former dancer and Britney Spears romancer, J. Britney Spears reunites with K-Fed at her son's baseball game. Should Alec Baldwin blame his hospitalization on his ex-wife or his daughter? So head over to in case ripped leggings and Red Bull-stained clothing is your thing.Prince Harry breaks up with his lingerie model girlfriend. [Radar] • Since things didn't work out too well with Brad, Vince, or John, Jennifer Aniston has decided that she "wants to be set up with a wealthy businessman, not a celebrity," at least according to an anonymous "insider." Somebody call and Jerry Springer; Brangelina's PR team floats a new break-up excuse; Stephanie Pratt gets bounced; Nancy Grace's suicide-inducement trial will be televised, after all.Filming a movie is no simple task–it requires late nights and early mornings, often without breaks.Is this seemingly grueling environment conducive to getting it on? Check out this list of famous couples who found love– or just lust– on-set.COSBY: Yes, you definitely seem to have a good attitude there.

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