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So I signed up, did up the profile; “, then tried to pick a few photos that didn’t make me look like a homeless priest. First off, if you’re a guy you have to get used to essentially being a spam bot. Tinder is probably the fastest growing and easiest to use of all of the social dating apps whereby you can just pick a person from a catalogue of Facebook profiles and indicate your mutual interest by smearing buttery marmalade all over your screen because you’d forgotten that you were eating toast. You are picking someone based on a few pictures and are essentially consulting with your genitals as to whether or not this person is of good genetic material. I met one girl in particular who I really fell for only to find out that she wasn’t looking for anything serious and wanted to date around.’ Well three reasons; 1) it never hurts to be a little intellectual 2) I’m a pretentious arse and 3) because it kind of sums up my experiences of online dating so far!So let’s analyse the two big players at stake and my experiences of them and how they seem to work (or not in some cases) and hopefully there’ll be a few humorous anecdotes along the way (don’t worry, there’s no more bardic poetry in the next 3 paragraphs anyway) So let’s start with the most popular one perhaps (I haven’t gone over the figures); Plenty of Fish, or ‘POF’ as the not-so-cool kids call it. The best POF date I had was with a Russian girl who basically just came to Ireland for a visit and spent the whole week just pretty much having fun with me.You quickly realise that that really cute looking girl with the Zooey Deschanel fringe and the penchant for Radiohead is also being messaged by the equivalent population of Ethiopia every hour. It’s good that you can see what they’re like beforehand and you can gauge roughly what a person’s personality type is like from reading their bio, but as a guy you will have to write the equivalent of a Tolstoy novel (that’s Russian literature not Gaelic) to get anywhere. In fairness I should have seen the signs; her telling me I should see other people; her explicitly saying she’d like to date other people. Being in a small community raises problems with tinder, as in ‘if you see a relative, should you swipe right?You have to make yourself catchy and witty, and interrogative messages such as: “ work best. ’ You would imagine the answer to that would be fairly straight forward ‘no’ but I do know one mate of mine who swiped right and got a match on his first cousin and when queried about it said, “ So the best tinder date so far, was probably the girl mentioned above, although my fragile romantic heart did get a little bit burned. It’s immediate and you’ve a fair idea of whether or not they’re mental.Additionally, you will have the to upgrade your Passions Network account (if you would like).

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