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’ She had that thousand-mile stare, and she said, ‘Steve,’” O’Neal told me one day in mid-June. ’ The nurse said, ‘He supplies the medications.’”O’Neal shook his head, his eyes reddening. ”Given his own arrest for possession and the horrendous drug problems of three of his children, such a crack might appear unseemly, but Fawcett’s condition had become so dire that O’Neal was desperately trying to sustain himself with gallows humor.

For nearly three years she had waged a valiant battle against anal cancer that metastasized to her liver, but in June she was hospitalized to treat an infection in the port that had been installed because the veins in her delicate arms had collapsed from the brutal months of injections and IV lines.

Photograph by Bruce Mc Broom/Mptv.net; by Jonathan Becker.

In the final days of Farrah Fawcett’s life, she was so heavily sedated that she sometimes failed to recognize even Ryan O’Neal, her lover of 30 years and father of her only child.“When I got to the hospital last night, I said, ‘Who am I?

The two actors, who earned Academy Award nominations and became overnight stars as the romantic leads of that 1970 blockbuster, reunited for a Q&A Monday with journalist Alicia Anstead on Harvard's campus, where their "Love Story" characters met for the first time.

Actors Ryan O' Neal and Ali Mac Graw participate in a talk with students on the campus of Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., Monday, Feb.

O'Neal had been written out of Fawcett's will, but the actress did leave .5 million to the former couple's only child, Redmond.

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"The reason I gave it to her is because there was a new woman in my life and the painting was making her uncomfortable; that Farrah seemed to be staring down at her.In the midst of Ryan O'Neal's legal battle with University of Texas, came a surprising admission.During a court-ordered deposition the 71-year-old actor admitted that his ex-girlfriend Farrah Fawcett once caught him in bed with another woman, and then cut him out of her life, reports Radar Online. I was so surprised,” O’Neal admitted in the deposition. I only got four boxes, mostly shoes and videotapes.” His admission came out in a videotaped deposition late last year for the lawsuit filed against him by Fawcett's alma mater, which claims the actress left a one-of-a-kind Andy Warhol painting to the institution after she died in 2009, while O'Neal claims the painting belongs to him.a judge just rejected her bid for an order allowing her to put her kids on a new reality show ...something ex-hubby Shaquille O'Neal is vehemently against. Shaq -- who has joint custody -- has been warring with Shaunie over the reality show, insisting ubiquitous cameras at home would be a terrible distraction for their 4 kids ... He's also worried the show will portray Shaunie and the kids in a negative light.O'Neal also starred in films such as The Bad News Bears (1976) with Walter Matthau, International Velvet (1978) with Christopher Plummer and Anthony Hopkins, and Little Darlings (1980) with Kristy Mc Nichol, and co-starred in Nickelodeon (1976) with her father Ryan, and in Circle of Two (1980) with Richard Burton.

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