Sandara park and top dating

We didn’t think there would be an article on it.” And continued “In the company, people laughed and said GD was headlock-ing me.” and explained the situation behind the rumors.Sandara Park continued, “I don’t date with someone in the same company.”, stating her position again regarding the rumor.Sandara’s recent confession about G-Dragon has left Big Bang’s TOP in deep regret.

In several separate interviews, Sandara Park and G-Dragon have both denied that they are dating each other.Last weekend saw BIGBANG perform the last of their 10th anniversary "0.TO.10" concerts and while there was much buzz over the group's awesome performance and all the celebrities who attended, there was one particular incident that made headlines - G-Dragon and 2NE1's Dara being spotted together after the concert!MC Yoo Hee Yeol said “I’ve been to scenes like that (where lots of fans are gathered), and it really is chaotic.” “Talk Busking” with Sandara Park and her honest talk will broadcast on 25 As two of the hottest YG artists, the two artists have been paired together since their collaboration for “Hello” on G-Dragon’s first solo album.With stunning visuals and an outstanding similar taste in fashion, the Daragon pairing has been the favorite to many.Meanwhile, fans of Dara and G-Dragon are in a frenzy once again as the former 2NE1 member inadvertently revealed something that adds fuel to the Sandara Park and G-Dragon dating news.

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