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It is defined using sports terminology because people are a game. Or when you’re hooking up with someone, but not dating. Ghosting This one is pretty simple–it usually happens when you’re in the “talking” stage of a (non) relationship. Slow Fade The slow fade is often confused with straight ghosting, but it’s a slightly kinder approach–instead of cutting off communication with no warning whatsoever, communication lessens slightly over a period of time.

And when mutual feelings come into play, it’s because you’re dating, whether you care to admit it or not. Not because you’re insecure that he’s going to like you; you’re actually quite confident that most men will respond to you. In other words, you want to know the future – and protect yourself from heartbreak by figuring it out as soon as possible. The problem is that even HE doesn’t know the future. This woman is not just an avid dater – she’s a learning-about-men MACHINE.The nervousness I’m referring to comes wanting to know what happens AFTER the first date. (I love women like this, by the way.) As she peppered me with questions, it was clear to me that she had done a lot of research.I know you may have heard that men don’t like feelings.You may have suffered some painful experiences with a man when you DID try to talk about feelings with him.Sorry, but if any of these occur in your little “talking” phase, you’re not just talking — you’re dating.

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