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Thanks to our friend from "GROUND ZERO" I was pointed in the direction of the NAV manual. I have confirmed on my side as has acadia7j100001 that the discs in our vehicles are from 2005. You will receive two free DVD map disc updates with the purchase of your new vehicle.[/color] Updates are necessary to make sure that your vehicles navigation system has the most accurate information available about streets/roads, points of interest, and business locations.

The updates are provided by the GM Nav Disc Center at the first and second anniversary dates of your vehicles delivery date.

It is known that the owners of Saab cars with touchscreen Sat-Nav systems have problems with map Update.

Those who are interested in the rest of the map of Europe, can be found here.

The Dutch company Marktplaats offers maps: 2014-2015 navigatie DVD Saab 95 Saab 93 – 2015-2016 for €25!

For owners of Saab 9-3 models that have in car Delphi/Grundig Touchscreen Sat-Nav here’s good news.

In this update contains the following Country maps: UK , Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Andorra, France, Switzerland, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Monaco and islands: Sardinia, Sicily, Corsica.

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