Validating software design


The CAD models can automatically be stored in your PDM or PLM system and later be used as production documentation.

Tacton Design Automation Server provides you with the design automation capabilities that are based on product rules and data defined in a design automation project created in Studio Download the complete product sheet for the Tacton Design Automation Server software Tacton Design Automation Studio enables you to set up detailed product definitions that capture all the business logic relevant to your products.

The Tacton Design Automation products are the integration of the best-of-breed Tacton Configurator and the two leading CAD systems, SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor, providing the most powerful design automation capabilities available on the market today. Our out-of-the-box design automation products are designed to handle both engineer-to-order as well as configure-to-order products, which makes it possible to automate the design process for both simple as well as extremely complex products.

See our design automation products in action Tacton Design Automation Engineer is a natural part of your engineers’ daily design work.

It allows the design engineers to start a configuration model in just two clicks.

The configuration models can be stored in a model library.

In simple terms, software verification is: "Assuming we should build X, does our software achieve its goals without any bugs or gaps?

Download the complete product sheet for the Tacton Design Automation Engineer software Tacton Design Automation Server lets you automate the generation of CAD documents based on the configuration in Tacton CPQ tools.

The CAD documents can be used as visual 2D and 3D representations as well as quotation material.

Two sentences, read by all speakers, were designed to bring out dialect variation: The remaining sentences were chosen to be phonetically rich, involving all phones (sounds) and a comprehensive range of diphones (phone bigrams).

Additionally, the design strikes a balance between multiple speakers saying the same sentence in order to permit comparison across speakers, and having a large range of sentences covered by the corpus to get maximal coverage of diphones.

Tacton Design Automation Engineer will automate your routine design process and save time.

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