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The best I can tell from my research is that the syncing software MS used has stopped, or it is because of MS moving everything to Can anybody help, or have any suggestions for a calendar replacement?Thanks for any help, I use WLM 2012 calendar with a hotmail account (now on and it still works ok.Windows Live Mail 2012 users who use it to connect to Microsoft's Outlook email service receive emails from Microsoft currently that state that they won't be able to use the solution anymore come June 30th, 2016.Windows Live Mail is a free email client by Microsoft that Microsoft made available as part of the Windows Essentials 2012 suite of programs. Live Mail 2011, and recently, at Microsoft's suggestion, updated to the Win. We like the way it kept the calendar synced on three Win 7 computers and my Android phone.It seemed to work fine for a few days, but recently stopped syncing.

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Windows Live Mail 2012 does not support the synchronization technologies used by the new Outl‍ook‍.‍com.

Only a few days ago, Microsoft announced that an update for Windows Live Mail 2012 was required to continue using the client with Outlook and Hotmail.

However, over the last few days, we received quite a few complaints from our users that this update, instead of only fixing the synchronization, can cause crashes as well as issues importing email into other mail clients.

Since yours stopped working on all three computers, seems like maybe something got changed on the other end.

Has Microsoft changed your accounts so that they are using the "Preview" option?

It is supported by Windows 7 and newer versions of Windows, and still available for download on the Windows Essentials website.

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